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The considerable reduction of errors in QA and production environments is significant and therefore the cost of maintainability is much lower. Automation testing makes easier to perform regressions and integration tests very simply and repetitively. To go to the point, the following project is a basic and simple introduction to automation testing using Kotlin, TestNG, Selenium and Page Object Model; For this particular case we will use a small source — YouTube. We will make a search of the video of a song that I like a lot, after this, we will reproduce the video. Degree in Computer Science with more than a decade of professional experience. His experience and skills are spread across multiple platforms, and Venkata enjoys working in web, mobile, and API test automation environments.

Kotlin for QA Automation Engineers

Our goal is to also make Kotlin Multiplatform a great ecosystem for iOS developers, including comprehensive support for Xcode projects. We want to make the transitions between the Kotlin and Swift programming languages more seamless and create a more cohesive development experience. The project is all about the creation of automated tests using Kotlin as a base programming language.

Project requirements

Increased test coverage leads to improved application quality and make a significant difference to the project’s overall timeline. Automated tests typically require less time than manual setups which initially take time. Automation tests are faster than manual tests, allowing you to cut testing time and expenses. Working with bug trackers, version control systems, and continuous integration systems. Openness to community feedback is an integral part of the JetBrains culture. All team members communicate with our users, discuss newly proposed features, take part in troubleshooting, and provide bug descriptions.

Kotlin for QA Automation Engineers

Worked on performance testing using JMeter for website products and APIs. Reported the test results to make the necessary changes to improve performance. Developed a test framework using Kotlin and introduced the team to the testing of the newly developed back-end APIs. During testing life cycle, performed different QA Automation Engineer Kotlin job types of testing like System Testing, Integration Testing and Regression Testing. Created, executed and exported the Test case scripts using Java-Selenium RC and Prepared automation test frameworks in Junit. Performed bug tracking, including submitting and assigning defects to the application developers using QC.

Preferred Environment

Analyzed the SRS and developed Test Suites to cover the overall quality assurance testing. Execution of automated scripts as part of regression testing and published passed/fail results. Testing of new functionalities and other functional changes based on test cases and coordinated with development team to get the defects fixed. Optimize your software development capabilities by adding top talents from one of the leading outsourcing companies in the world; let our experience work for you. The customer is Azerbaijan’s leading corporate bank, founded in 2007. The bank is owned by a leading Azerbaijani holding company, which also controls companies in the building, insurance, tourism, entertainment and other sectors.

  • The Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile IDE team is working on improving our IDE tooling for Swift and the Apple platforms.
  • I used Kotlin for the versatility of the language, apart from the similarity with Scala and the fact that I can work with the paradigm of Object Oriented Programming seems great.
  • Once we have finished with our Page Objects we will proceed with the development of the tests.
  • You will work as part of a small, agile team to develop software modules that test applications and/or interfaces.

Started a new test framework setup using alternative tools and libraries to kick-start the test refactoring. Managed the release process for Android apps using proprietary tools for PCI compliance. Prepared Test Cases with the complete description of requirements, uploaded test cases and report results into Quality Center. Tracked, Managed and documented the performance of the application during UAT.

Senior Automation Test Engineer

We also interact with our customers on web forums and at technical conferences. Kotlin takes the best of Java and Scala, the response times are similar as working with Java natively, which is a considerable advantage over Scala. Another favorable point is that Google adopted it as the official programming language for Android, this denotes the stability of the language. Kebish – Keb Kebish – Tool for writing Web UI tests – Selenium based Page Object Pattern implementation in Kotlin.

Kotlin for QA Automation Engineers

As a Test Automation Engineer, you will take on project responsibilities. The entire development process is completely transparent, and everyone can participate in any task. Team members are in constant communication with each other, both face to face and via Slack. All changes are covered by automated tests and code is reviewed before proceeding to manual testing. We perform thorough functional, usability, and investigative testing to ensure high functionality and reduce the possibility of regression. The Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile IDE team is working on improving our IDE tooling for Swift and the Apple platforms.

Test Automation Engineer – Kotlin

We are early adopters of the hybrid working practices, you define the way where you work more productive – at home or in the office – we will create the environment for that. Ideas are prioritised over Hierarchy and Biases- in Mobica you are listened to and valued. We’ve made it our mission to create a working environment where all team members feel welcome, protected from discrimination and have access to equal opportunities.

Kotlin for QA Automation Engineers

Result oriented professional with overall 6+ years of experience in software development & testing. Kotest is a flexible and comprehensive testing tool for Kotlin with multiplatform support with additional assertions, property testing and data driven testing. This is a great opportunity to join an organization with flexible working hours, regular team-building events, and opportunities for professional development. As a member of the team, you will work in a dynamic and collaborative environment, contributing to innovative projects that make a real difference in the industry.

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Involved in defects meeting and interacted with developers to resolve technical issues. Create scripts Python for new functionalities and update the existing scripts for upgraded functionalities. Defined the approach for automating significant part of Rest Assure framework (Hybrid – combination of Data Driven and Keyword Driven automation approaches.

Scaling and Automating Microservice Testing at Lyft –

Scaling and Automating Microservice Testing at Lyft.

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